Why You Shouldn't Stop Job Hunting This Holiday Season

11:29:00 AM

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It’s the holiday season people. That means great food, annoying family members and time off. If you’re in the business of job hunting than this is not the time to take off. I repeat, do not take off December if you are job hunting. This is prime time for job hunting and career success. Did I make that clear enough? Good, now lets talk about why.

Less Competition:
Again, it’s the holidays. People are taking time off. No one wants to be bothered filling out job applications or searching for open positions when Thanksgiving has people traveling and Christmas is in the air. That leaves you ample opportunity to steal the spotlight. Less competition means it’s more likely that you’ll stand out from a normally large stockpile of resumes and cover letters. Take advantage by continuing your search, or even upping your game during the holiday season. This will ensure that once companies hit a dead spot in incoming resumes you’ll be left solely in the lime light. If companies were to take off from the hiring game, you should be first in line by the time they resume hiring operations.

A man in a suit fixes his tie in a dimly lit room
Now is the prefect time to succeed. Your in the drivers seat of the job market this holiday season Source: pexels.com
End of the year deadlines:
Sometimes companies do decline in hiring throughout December. However, recruiters are often rushing to fill positions before a December 31st deadline. As applicants fade out throughout December recruiters will settle for a resume that may not have held up as well in an onslaught of resumes.

Business is Booming:
Business is booming throughout the holidays. Projections have spending going upwards each year and this year is no different. Another factor that has those opening positions looming ominously over employers. Applicants will slow down as business is on the rise, leaving you prime for the taking. You are the hire that comes in and saves the day by filling in a much-needed position at a critical time.

So do not let up this holiday season. Take some time off but make sure you dedicate some time every day throughout the holiday season to send out some resumes. It doesn't take much so don't make excuses. Your value is up, competition is down and business is high. It’s the perfect recipe for success and you hold all the ingredients. 

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