Two Quick Tips on How to Study Smarter for Finals

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Winter is coming. No, not in a Game of Thrones kind of way, but in a holy hell here comes finals kind of way. With finals fast approaching students everywhere will be cancelling plans to have anxiety attacks next to an open textbook and a half empty wine bottle. So, go do what college students do best and cram all the knowledge from the entire semester into your head the night before for that hour and 15-minute test and then instantly forget it all. However, utilizing these two tips will help you study faster, more effectively and ultimately produce better marks.

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Quality Over Quantity
Reading your entire notebook front to back twice over. If reading every note you’ve taken doesn’t sound too appealing than maybe you’ll want to try a different method of studying. A way of studying that is smarter, more effective and takes less time.

Subconsciously human beings gravitate towards familiar and easy. This is the reason millions of people hesitate when doing something that is out of their comfort zone. The same holds true for studying. You may not realize but you’ll end up studying and spending more time on subjects and topics you already are well informed on. For instance, if chapter 4 was the easiest chapter for you to understand you could end up spending more time studying that chapter as the positive reinforcement of your correct answers ensures you’ll do well. It isn’t until after you’ve done poorly on a test that you’re left pondering how it happened after you spent hours studying.

Study chapters and subjects you’ve done subpar in while just skimming over what you already know. The study session may appear more difficult as you struggle to answer your flash cards correctly as often. In the end though you’ll be studying what you actually need to study. Always remember its quality over quantity and that holds true in the case of studying for finals.

Toughest First
Stop me if you've heard this scenario before. It's the night before finals and you're looking over the material that is said to be on the test. You come across something rather ambiguous and start to panic. You have questions so, you send the teacher an email only to not have them reply. You start to stress and you either make assumptions on your questions or say F it and skip that section altogether.

Studying the subject you've had the most trouble with gives you ample time to prepare for such a scenario. Chances are your toughest subject is also the test you need to do ace more than the others. Another reason to study earlier on, allowing you to study multiple times. Humans, especially college students, are creatures of habit so seeing the same material over the course of weeks can help drill it into your head.

Try these two tips to help you study more effectively this semester. Doing so will also allow you to remain less stressed and keep a clearer head. So, this semester start studying smarter, not longer.

Good luck my friends.

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