Three College Classes to Assist You in the Professional World

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Let’s face it, throughout your college career you’ll more than likely take a bunch of bogus, do nothing classes. Classes that you know you don’t need, you know you won’t use but they’re classes you need to take regardless. If you’re fortunate enough to have a choice in some useful classes, that advance your degree in the process, I highly recommend you seize the opportunity and grab some valuable skills to add to your resume.

I’ve talked a lot about programming on this blog and that’s for good reason. I can’t stress enough how important and valuable a programming language on your resume will look to future employers. Even if your career path has nothing to do with technology, you’ll still encounter tech regardless. It’s everywhere, and it isn’t going away. Any programming language is a good look to have.

If you’re not in an IT program, you won’t make it to the stage of Java programming but if you can you should. Java is an essential programming language worldwide and its flexibility ensures it will be around for the foreseeable future. If you can nab a basic understanding of it, at the very least it’ll help you stick out from the crowd. Java programming classes will help you create Java applications and graphical user interfaces among more technical facets of it.

If there is no way for you to take Java due to a wall of prerequisites you may be limited to taking a basic programming class. This will provide you the skill set you need in order to advance in programming should you choose to do so. Even if you aren’t looking to advance your programming knowledge a basic computer programming class will still provide useful knowledge that will make future tasks easier to solve and understand.

Website development would be another option if you were to take the plunge into the world of programming. Having some semblance of a background in website development will aid you throughout your career. Many tasks you would normally need to hire someone to do you could facilitate yourself. Seeing as something so personable as a website could make one finicky, its best to handle it on your own accord if possible.

Some high schools and even colleges are starting to count computer programming as a foreign language, making it easier than ever to fit into a non-IT program as an elective. Just be aware it can be extremely difficult to a non-technical mindset. If you can muster the difficulty the knowledge is sure to reward you.

Public Speaking:
When you have the opportunity to take a class that focuses on the number one personal fear of Americans, it’s safe to say you should probably take that class. Statistics show you are one of the many who suffer from glossophobia, which makes it that much more important that you conquer this fear.
A woman in a grey sweater gives a business speech to other employees
Public speaking will certainly be a part of any career. Source:
A public speaking class may be just the kick in the butt you need to take over this fear and propel you into an advantageous position. No matter what your major, you’re going to have to give speeches, presentations and the like at some point in your career. Being able to speak well in these situations will help you marvel in the professional world.

These classes will teach you the fundamentals of public speaking such as posture, eye contact and how to speak at an appropriate rate/volume. Besides the human element of it public speaking classes usually tend to assist a student in learning how to give presentations. This could include the use of notes, visual aids and supporting material. All of which are crucial in a professional environment. Such a class will usually count as an elective towards your degree. Seize the opportunity and gain a valuable skill in mastering public speaking.

Management Information Systems:
Getting a little more specific here, your college more or less offers a class by this name. A Management Information Systems class is derived from business and technology alike. It is as much a technology class as it is a business class.

A stylus is pointed at a chart on a table for business
Technology is a major aspect of any business in modern day. Knowledge of technical terms and procedures is vital to success. Source: Wdnet Studio
The main focus of the class boils down to how technology is utilized and implemented in the daily functions of the business world. You’ll learn quite a bit of relevant terms and processes that will be very useful in any business setting. This class will dive into the basics of how technology plays a role in every step of a functioning business. You’ll examine various types of software and the infrastructure that is vital to a company’s success.

You don’t have to be technical in order to gain insight from this class, although it helps. Management Information Systems may be a requirement for business majors but if you can squeeze in a class of this makeup into an elective I suggest you do so as the general terminology alone will guide you to an easier workplace experience in the future.

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