Series: Off Topic Tidbits Vol 1 - A $300 Picture Book from Apple

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Normally I write about tips and guides on how to succeed in the professional world. These articles are for college students and recent graduates because I myself am a soon to be recent grad. Every now and then I stumble upon little news in various topic that I want to share with you all. Off Topic Tidbits is a series of just random news and events I think you may find interesting.

Apple is a company unlike any other company. This is the company that removed the headphone jack from its smartphone and bragged about the courage it took. The use of the word courage to describe the removal of a staple feature to its customer base took a certain level of arrogance I believe no company has shown before. That being said, I shouldn’t be shocked by the bloated ego of this company and figured it has reached its peak during that moment. Today, Apple has outdone itself.

A page from Apples new picture book showing old style imacs in various different colors
What does a $300 picture book look like? Well, it's mostly white. Source:
Apple, turning 40, will now sell you a book containing 450 professional photos time lining their various products and tools from the past 20 years. It’s essentially a picture book for the minuscule price of $300. The video that accompanies the product page is pretentious to say the least. I struggled to hold back my gags as the video consistently strokes its ego over and over again at how amazing their design language has been and still is. Although some would argue it has been increasingly one-note these last couple of years.

A page from Apples new picture book showing various silver laptops and other tech
Expect to see a lot of silver on white backgrounds. Source:
Granted Apple has pioneered the technology design game and almost single handedly drives innovation in various areas of consumer electronics. This does not excuse the audacity it takes to sell off a minimalist picture book for $300, but hey you can always opt for the smaller version for the bargain price of $200. For what it’s worth the pictures are numerous, and photographed beautifully with Apples favorite background color of choice, white. Hell, even the cover is white, at least until its covered in coffee stains.

You really have to hand it to Apple for creating a fan base that is so loyal and die-hard that they will shell out for a $300 book that takes Apples arrogance to all new heights…and believe me, they will.  Designed by Apple in California is the name and it is now available for purchase. Although, if you are such a loyalist to the Cupertino based company and planned on buying this, you probably already knew all of that.

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