The Millennial Minority

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Narcissistic, spoiled and entitled. We were born with a negative connotation to our name simply because of when we were born. The many words that can be used to describe the generation I so happened to be born into appear to be mostly negative. The dreaded, undesired and feared millennials. It’s a term for those who grew up in the late 80s and 90s and have reached the years of a teenager or young adult in the early 2000s. Those who grew up as the technology boom was booming and the swell of information was about to overtake the world. Social media grew, more and more people died each year from the dangerous art of selfie taking. The disdain towards our utter existence shreds at the fabric of the very soul of the working generation. How could anyone feel anything other than an overwhelming sense of loathing for us?
millennials spelled out in scramble writing
Millennials. not even valuable in scrabble. Photo credit
I’d be lying to you if I sat here writing this saying I never felt like I had a chip on my soldier. Something to prove to the older generations that I wasn’t your stereotypical millennial. I refused to be stereotyped to just another entitled brat who spends his day snapchatting tweeting and texting while driving. I’ve spent my short time as an adult in this working world proving to those around me, those above me, and those who doubted me that I am not associated with the connotations that come with the term “millennial”.

Many millennials are just like me in that regard. We are out to prove people who look at us with such disgust that we can be just as hardworking, grateful and humble as the working-class generation. Not every little thing we do must be touted and self-praised. We do not have to show off to a bunch of strangers our most minor of accomplishments. We may be in the minority when it comes to how we conduct and portray ourselves, but we do exist damn it.

It’s difficult not to get narrowed into certain categories as a millennial. You are expected to be either an internet billionaire by the ripe age of 22 or just another grown adult living in your parent’s basement working one day a week. There is no in between, if your successful you lucked out and its society’s low standards that made your lack of talent rich and famous. If you happen to be a loser well, you’re just a typical millennial. Consider this a PSA to the older generations out there. The working class has no died. We may have evolved from small business owners and manual labor to Youtubers, bloggers and technology but that should not, and will not diminish our good fortune and hard work.

I myself started as an unpaid intern that was written off as just a favor for my brother. Three years later I am proud to say I am an accomplished Digital Forensics Investigator for my company and have since thrown out that notion of me being simply a favor in the eyes of everyone who doubted me when I first walked into that office.

So maybe your guilty of writing off the millennials as the worst generation. Maybe you’ve lost hope in humanity due to negative light we are conceived in or maybe you know someone who does.We are the working class millennials, and we do exist.

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