Series: Perfect Jobs for a Hectic Schedule - Vol.2 - Education Students

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We all want that perfect job. That dream mix of atmosphere responsibilities and pay. It’s a recipe for success and happiness. Hectic schedules due very little to help this notion and could end up leaving you with very little options. “Perfect jobs” is a series of articles that will help you get an idea of what jobs are best suited for you and your chaotic schedule.

Education gets a bad rep in 2016 due to its lack of available jobs and lack of pay. Though there is some semblance of truth to both of those points, education is not a forsaken career path. It is rewarding in many aspects and can be financially rewarding as well. Reaching that financial goal will require a hefty investment in terms of education. For a college professional, working in the field of education as well as pursuing that ever so necessary master’s degree can be a tricky feat. Vol.2 has us garnering some tips and compiling a guide to help you in your journey.

After School Assistant Teacher:
Going to school every morning can be problematic for your bank account. An after-school assistant teacher fits into the availability of a busy college students schedule quite well. They typical work two to around six at night assisting with classroom curriculum and lesson plans. Postings for this job typically range in the $15 to $18 an hour range. The only downside to this choice would be the fact that you may be unemployed come summertime. Although, if you’re in the education field you may be expecting that and possibly even looking forward to it.

Online Tutor:
Online tutoring is a great way to work when your schedule permits. Tutoring students online allows you to set your own schedule and work from the comfort of your own home. Picture working from the library when on lengthy breaks in between classes. Online tutoring is replacing traditional tutoring and ramps up around popular school times. Beginning of the semester, midterms and finals reasonably sees a massive increase in students tutoring. According to listing for online tutors, top tutors can earn over a grand a month and pay starts at $20/hr. The better tutor you are, the more opportunities you will get passed your way.

A woman tutors a male student on a mac
Tutoring can be very rewarding. It's a good look for a resume and great way to make some cash with a hectic schedule. Photo Credit: via
Activity Specialist:
An Activity Specialist is mostly a part time position in the after-school hours, that works with youth in a variety of programs. These programs range from sports to computer programming and all subjects in between. The position entails engaging students in weekly activity lesson plans and activities. They must be able to provide strong classroom management and behavioral skills. Activity Specialists are mentors that must be able to coordinate well with children and adults alike. The position pays anywhere from $14 to $30/hr which coincides with experience. Education requirements can range anywhere from a high school diploma to a bachelor’s degree. From my research, I concluded that this position is perfect for morning continuing students who currently possess an associate’s degree as those positions seem to be in the upper end of the pay scale.

Being a college professional is never easy. The fact that the field of education may not be growing at an exponential rate doesn’t help the situation either. Don’t be fooled though, it certainly has its fair share of life left in it. Finding the right job is crucial as the amount of education needed in order to reach a financially successful career is extensive. You may not find your perfect job until after completing an extraordinary amount of education but with some deep dive job hunting you can certainly make a case for a better resume and bigger bank account. Happy hunting my friends.

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