How to Stay in the Fitness Game with a Ludicrous Schedule

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Keeping a gym routine is a lot like keeping any other part of your hectic schedule. Suffice it to say that it’s not easy. You claim it isn’t a lack of dedication or laziness, you just don’t have the time. Well if your taking 15 credits, working two jobs and want to pull your hair out 5 times a day you may just be right. There are however ways you can manufacture the time. Here are some ways you can help fit that gym routine into your busy schedule.

a man grabs a barbell with chalk spraying everywhere
Make it a priority to get to the bar. Photo credit
Tip #1 – Treat it as a mandatory obligation:
Going to the gym in your mind should be mandatory, not something you do if you have some free time here or there. Treat it no different than going to class or work. Allow yourself a skip or two throughout the semester but no more. That way, when you pencil in the gym you will feel more obligated to go.

Tip #2 – Figure out your gym schedule and just make it happen:
Now this is a lot easier said than done but it’s an important one. Realistically you’d probably like to go to the gym when it’s not too crowded but also not too early. Well, you got responsibilities to keep and obligations to meet and guess what, the gym just became one of them. This means that if you need to get up at 6am to get in a pump before an early class or an early shift, that’s exactly what you got to do. Set the schedule and stick to it. On the other side of things this could also mean a late night training session after a hard day of work and class. Well grab a Redbull and hit the gym you got a schedule to keep.

Tip #3 – Find a gym buddy:
I know I know, finding a gym buddy may be easy and you may already have one. However, you probably have a better chance of locating Jimmy Hoffa than you do of finding a gym buddy with the same schedule as you. This is a hard one to pull off, but ask around with your friends or ask that person at the gym that your cool with, you know the one, if they want to work out together. You’ll feel a lot less inclined to cancel if your cancelling on someone other than just yourself. If possible, try and workout with a crush, no way your cancelling that training session.

Tip #4 – Train outside the gym:
If you belong to a 24-hour gym this tip may not apply to you. However, for the rest of us, gyms aren’t always open when we want to work out. Maybe you’re up early on a Sunday morning and your gym has yet to open its doors. Maybe it’s a holiday and you finally have the time you’ve been so desperately deprived of. For whatever reason, throwing in outside workouts is not only a good way to mix up the norm but also keep your sheer number of training days where they need to be. Street workouts are a great way to accomplish this. Your local park may have workout stations set throughout but if not an empty playground will do just fine. Start off with a run and mix in some bench dips, skullcrusher hybrids and more all from a childs playground. Alternatively, with just an adjustable bench and a few varying weights of dumbbells you can essentially create a makeshift gym that will hold your muscle cravings over until the next training day in the church of iron. Bodyweight exercises will suffice too to help bridge the gap between gym days.

No matter your fitness style, it’s not going to be easy to make the time in the hectic life. Especially for a college professional.  Although with these tips and some dedication you can help get through the semester and hopefully return back to your standard return after finals. Stay hungry and stay dedicated and you’ll find a way to make it work. Until then, use these tips to help you stay in the game.

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