A Note of Reassurance to Anxiety Filled College Students

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You are a nurse in her scrubs on campus. A man in a suit during your 8am class while others model sweatpants and hoodies. No, you don’t have a weird morning fashion sense, you are a college professional. Many do it, some don’t need to, and some just plain can’t. I’m talking of course about being a full time professional while simultaneously being a full-time college student. Look, there is nothing wrong with living the budget life while in college. Nor is there anything wrong with focusing on school while your parents lend you a hand in the financial realm. But this article isn’t for you, this article is for the college professional.

Being a college professional isn’t easy to put it mildly. There have been many a time while I sit at my desk, rum and coke in one hand, and the thought of dropping out of college in my head. The schedule is demanding, the lack of sleep is excruciating and the extraordinary caffeine you ingest will leave you acting like Gary Busey on cocaine. Social life? Forget it. Close friends? Not going to happen buddy. Relationship? You better find yourself someone who likes long distance relationships because that’s the way it’s going to feel like once your schedule shifts into full gear.

Allow me if I may, to quickly sum up for you a typical day in my life. I wake up, brew my morning joe (see what I did there) head off to class, head straight to work, drive on over to the gym and by the time I get home I have just enough time to do some homework before my head hits the pillow harder than a Mike Tyson right hook. 

So why would anyone want to be a college professional if their life didn’t demand it? Why would anyone choose this? The sacrifices are tough and the mindset to keep is even tougher, but what this type of lifestyle will reward you with may just be worth it all. You may give up close friends, miss out on that grand ole college experience and you’ll probably teeter on the border of insanity so much you’ll be considering building your own wall.  But fear not my fellow hustlers, there is a light at the end of this anxiety tunnel.

In return for your sacrifices, you’ll be rewarded with a lot. Materialistic things with the money you’ll make, to the more abstract like self-belief and confidence. You may scoff at the idea of abstract benefits but you’ll need that self-belief in order to get through this road so forbidden Robert Frost wrote a poem about it. After all this is an investment in your future. It will all be for naught if you do not succeed, so you have no choice but to succeed.

road sign reading success and doubt in a big city
You don't have to wait until after college to start down the road to success photo credit geralt via www.pixabay.com
Stay focused, stay driven and envision your future. This could have been a drawn-out tips article but anyone who offers tips more than that simple aforementioned sentence is really just rambling. There is no “how to” on staying sane during this time of your life. There is no magic formula. Each scenario is different and each one of you has a unique horse in this race. So really this article is just to reassure you that you are not alone. You are still doing well despite your latest anxiety attack. With that self-confidence that you will succeed, you will conquer your hectic schedule and reap all the rewards.

The lone solace I can offer you I guess would be this. If you are hustling for your career and also balancing a demanding modern day college schedule, things will only get easier. After graduation, you’ll remove the doughnut off your schedule and feel lighter, faster and less stressed (thumbs up if you get the baseball reference). Always remember my friends, if you want more than the average person, you have to be willing to do more than the average person.

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