A College Students Plea to Elon Musk and Tesla

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Tesla has been making headlines for just about all of 2016. They recently unveiled their newest fully electronic battery powered car, the Tesla Model 3. This was said to be the car to bring Tesla to the masses. The car to introduce the masses to battery powered vehicles. Think iPhone for the smartphone world. The problem with Mr. Elon Musks making these claims is that since the unveiling of this car the starting price is said to be $35,000. Not exactly budget, but not something that is out of the reach of most people. Except if this is supposed to be the car that brings battery powered vehicles to the masses then why are Tesla and all other motor companies who dabble in battery powered cars avoiding a huge market. The American college student.

 I previously wrote an article (found here) that detailed good entry level jobs for technology majored college students. A perfect market for an entry level automotive piece of tech. Hopefully for your sake, you're on the upper end of those pay grades listed. Your going to need to be in order to think about getting yourself a shiny new Tesla when they start shipping in the next year. 

A Tesla Model S interior
The Tesla Model S is as much an integral part in the world of technology as it is in the motor world. Photo Credit: Steve Jurvetson. 
According to the NCES(National Center for EducationsStatistics), as of fall 2016, over 20 million people were to attend American colleges. This being an increase of over 5 million in the last 16 years. This number seems to only be going up. The majority of college students in suburbs and rural areas need cars. It’s a necessity for most, and a necessity for a nice car for some. Car companies seem to be ignoring this huge market share.

Tesla has made its base version of the model 3, rumored to be stripped of most of the features you buy a Tesla for, $35k. That means that by the time your loading this thing up it could top near $60,000. This starting price seems to be right on par with its rivals, the Chevy Volt after all starts at around $32,000. The BMW i3 even starts over 40k. Sure you could go the hybrid route and get an Altima or Prius on the cheap but the intrigue and personality of those cars is just non-existent. Beyond the obvious reasons Tesla separated itself from the competition it is the mere fact that the car has spirit. It just seemed to come alive, getting behind the wheel is an experience. When was the last time anybody got excited to go out and drive a Chevy Volt?

A red tesla model s charges at a tesla charging station
You won't see many of these on college campuses. Photo Credit: Wikipedia.org
There is a fan base out there crying for a sporty electronic car. What Mustang did for sports cars, we need a Tesla to do for battery powered cars. As a student of the technology field, I have a passion for all things tech. I also happen to be a casual car guy, so when you mix the two together I should get excited to rush out and buy one. But what are my options? A 66k base starting Tesla model S or some boring do nothing electronic/hybrid which is more of just a car without an engine than a piece of masterfully crafted technology. 

I was hyped for the Tesla Model 3. I thought it could very well be my next car. But base cars are usually very dull. When you buy a Tesla, you want the bells and whistles, and this car will most likely lose its affordability once you add them.

Granted Tesla is a luxury brand and has an image to uphold. The same has Mercedes and BMW came out with “budget” options that exceed well into the 30 and 40-thousand-dollar price range. Maybe this is the reason for the Model 3s pricing. Or maybe the technology just simply isn’t there yet. 

Whatever the case may be, the average college student will not be pulling up to those designated charging stations with his fancy new Model 3. Suffice it so say this part of the market will have to stick to its boring hybrids or good ole fashion v8’s. 

Maybe next time Elon Musk.

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